Strange Loop

September 26-28 2018


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO


This year the International Conference on Functional Programming will be colocated with Strange Loop. ICFP is a research conference, typically attended by professors and students in the field. ICFP consists of a main program (Mon-Wed) at the Stifel Theatre, overlapping with the Strange Loop preconference day on Wednesday (also at the Stifel).

Additionally, ICFP has smaller, focused workshops on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (all at Union Station):

Sunday 9/23 at Union Station:

Monday 9/24 - Wednesday 9/26 at Stifel Theatre:

Thursday 9/27 at Union Station (overlaps Strange Loop main program):

Friday 9/28 at Union Station (overlaps Strange Loop main program):

Saturday 9/29 at Union Station:

Strange Loop will be offering tickets to ICFP on a per-day basis as part of Strange Loop registration. Tickets on Strange Loop days (Wed-Fri) will be $125/day or $100 for students. On other days (Sun-Tue, Sat), tickets will be $220/day or $125 for students.