Strange Loop

September 26-28 2018


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

Preconference Activities

On the day before the conference (Sept 26th), the Strange Loop preconference provides a number of additional optional activities. All of these have a cost and require pre-registration (spots are limited).


elm-conf is a one-day conference focusing on the Elm programming language and its libraries, colocated with Strange Loop. It aims to be a welcoming place for people worldwide to come together and learn about what is happening with the language and community, and to celebrate everything that makes Elm great.


PWLConf 2018 is a full-day Papers We Love conference, co-located with Strange Loop in Saint Louis, Missouri on September 26th. Last year's event was a great success, with talks ranging from designing networked systems to game engines. The conference intends to bring academia and industry within reach of one another, hoping to foster stronger collaboration and mutual appreciation across respective fields.

Software with a Mission

How can you use your technology toolset to help support the mission and values of worthy social causes, activist organizations, government institutions, and nonprofits? How can you live your values through your work? Come listen to speakers who are doing just that and hear how they make it happen. Initially inspired by Matt Mitchell's talk, To Serve the People: Public Interest Technologists at Strange Loop 2017, this half-day pre-conference event is for folks who want to use their software skills to do good. Come code the world you want to see.

Day of Datomic Cloud

Datomic Cloud is a transactional database with a flexible data model, elastic scaling, and rich queries. Datomic lets you focus on your application logic, writing ordinary Clojure functions with in-memory access to your data. Datomic handles the deployment and execution details.

In this one day tutorial, you will learn: