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Democratizing Hardware

With the rise of widely available chipsets, open source hardware components, and makerspaces, the only thing holding back the coming Hardware Revolution is... the arcane languages needed to program them. While most of the development industry has pushed forward into far more accessible and expressive languages, the domain of hardware has been stuck in the 1980's. With the rise of NodeBots, which started as node.js robots but is now inclusive of all languages, the trend toward making hardware hacking accessible to all has grown stronger and broader. As a gatekeeper between the two worlds, due to being the author of node-serialport, I have been witness to this amazing trend and would like to invite you to join us as we bring robots, copters, boats, and rockets, but most importantly the maker movement to all software and web developers.

Chris Williams

I am Chris Williams, the maker of improbable things and known widely as Voodoo Tiki God. If you do anything with JS, you may know of me, but more than likely know of something I have created directly or helped to create including the JS logo, node-serialport, and the voodoospark firmware. I do many things but rarely known for them, but if you look hard enough, you will most likely find me hiding behind the scenes. I write articles on an almost glacial pace at