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Next: September 12-14 2019


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St. Louis, MO

Teaching Kids Programming at the IOT Farm

While kids are experts at consuming technology, very few participate in technology creation. With so many countries, including our own, now considering Computer Science a vital part of core education, what are the best practices to use with kids in the classroom? Using several different delivery platforms including camps, Teen User Groups and traditional classrooms, come learn how to teach computer programming using pair programming, mob programming and other techniques designed to deliver computer programming in a social, collaborative environment rather than the headphones and isolated method.

Come learn how to turn a kitchen, a farm, a conference room into a tech classroom that inspires teens to see technology as the answer to many of their real world concerns. Our Teen User Group, which is 75% girls and has maintained 100% retention, has chosen to take on water conversation by implementing IOT devices into a small urban farm and have the data collected tweeted by their Tweeting Windmill.

Jessica Ellis

Teaching Kids Programming

Jessica is the Project Manager for Teaching Kids Programming. She is also the Director for the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle, a project of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito.

Jesse Phelps


Jesse is a Software Developer for POMIET and an entrepreneur. Jesse is technologically agnostic and dabbles in all aspects of technology from writing software to building/hacking hardware. When not immersed in technology, Jesse spends his free time with his wife Sarah and sons, Jonah and Jackson. He also enjoys brewing beer, politics and theology.