Strange Loop

Next: September 12-14 2019


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

If Gaudí Had a Cluster

Architects are tool builders. A famous example is the 20th century Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, who built meticulous physical models of his world-famous buildings like Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló. Armed with only rudimentary tools and manual calculations, Gaudí created buildings that still amaze people today. Imagine though, what if he had a computer cluster at his fingertips?

At Flux we are designing a visual, flow-based programming environment to give architects access to the latest developments in distributed computing. The goal is to enable modern Gaudís to explore the vast extents of their imaginations. In this talk we'll explore ups and downs of building a web-based visual programming environment aimed at building designers. We'll also talk about the distributed execution system that backs it all.

Max Grigorev


Max is an independent software engineer. He is working on a new way to process large amounts of data in real time, efficiently. Prior to beginning that project, he was one of the developers of Flux, a distributed execution environment and flow-based programming language targeted at building architects. He started his career building search distributed systems at Google and continued at Airbnb. When not in front of a computer... ah, who are we kidding, he is always in front of a computer.

Jen Carlile

Flux Factory Inc.

Jen, cofounder of Flux, is a passionate software engineer working to help meet the world's demand for healthy, sustainable buildings. Her path to becoming a software engineer was a winding one that took her through the world of experimental music, professional audio, and eventually to Google[X]. At Flux, Jen wants to empower people to solve the world's most pressing problems related to urban population growth and climate change, and create beautiful designs in the process. She received her BA from Wellesley College and her MA/MST from Stanford University.