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Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


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St. Louis, MO

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Origami Software from Scratch

My name is Robby, I'm an accomplished origami artist with a little internet following (, and a year ago I decided to write software that performs origami. My only challenge to myself was that I had to write everything. Today, it seems reasonable that this was a tall order, but I had no idea what I was getting into.

It began with an email exchange with Robert Lang ( with a simple pointer that origami crease patterns are planar graphs - I began there, writing data structures, which led to simple geometry problems (line intersections, face finding algorithms), resolving sub-floating point precision errors, finally into real origami algorithms: Kawasaki's theorem, the Huzita-Justin axioms.

My trek through this journey is extensively recorded on the web on a page that I maintain. Everything is presented in little interactive animated bite-sized algorithm-visualizers.

The site is:

In this talk I'll take everyone along the journey I took to write origami software, it will be full of animations (you can see on, some of the problems that seem small until you approach them, how to make interface and code user-friendly, and of course all the fun origami math!

Robby Kraft

Robby Kraft

School For Poetic Computation

Robby Kraft is an artist, engineer, and educator based in New York. He folds origami for both artistic practice and to explore its mathematical foundations. He writes code to create open source tools for math and science visualizations, media art installations, and tools to make music and games. He is a instructor at the Parsons School of Design and the School for Poetic computation in New York.