Strange Loop

Next: September 12-14 2019


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

Learning from machines

Why can't you tickle yourself? How do you know where you are? Why do DeepDream images look so trippy? Why are experts in a field sometimes unable to accept new advances? Why does trauma come in waves, washing over us again and again? Computational neuroscience provides insight into these questions and more. In this talk, we'll look at models of cognition informed by machine learning and computation, and investigate how these models can help us examine and reconfigure our own processes of being.

Ashi Krishnan


Ashi's first program printed `I LOVE YOU MOM` in a colorful infinite loop; she was six at the time, and she was hooked. Her first written story emerged around the same time, and featured sentient sea slugs. Her career has been a story of finding balance in these dual modes of expression. She studied computer science and creative writing. Fresh out of school, she worked as a coder for NOAA, and then Google. Exhausted by the many emotional challenges of working in tech, she went into teaching--first at Dev Bootcamp, and then at Fullstack Academy in New York, where she taught at the Grace Hopper program for women and non-binary people. This summer, lured by new and interesting problems and exhausted by the many emotional challenges of teaching at a bootcamp, she joined Github as a senior engineer. She hopes this will mark an evolution, not an end, to her teaching career, as she continues to pursue her passions of speaking, traveling, and writing. She is working on a book. It is about the sea, and about the future, and about you.