Strange Loop

An Intro to Programming Sound With Pure Data (Pd)

Pure Data (Pd) is a free/libre dataflow language inside a visual programming and performance environment with an emphasis on audio. Using a patch-cable style metaphor (similar to classic analog synthesizers), Pure Data programs are built to create computer music, explore sound art/design, and experiment with audio synthesis techniques.

In this hands-on introductory workshop, we will cover the foundations of programming in Pd and provide a very brief primer on audio synthesis techniques. Attendees will learn how to create Pd patches with common, first-principles building blocks and how to wire these objects together to create and control sound synthesizers.

Some rudimentary programming experience or exposure to signal theory is helpful, but not required. Attendees should bring headphones with their Linux, Mac, or Windows laptop, ideally with Pure Data "vanilla" installed.

Jason Plumb

Jason Plumb

New Relic

Jason Plumb is a hacker, artist, experimenter, polyglot programmer, and dad from Portland, OR. He was the DorkbotPDX community overlord for a decade and has helped to create permanent sound art installations at a well-known software company. He currently works with high-volume metadata at New Relic and collaborates with Futel (to install free public payphones) and the Church of Robotron (to save humanity from the inevitable 2084 robot/AI apocalypse).