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Formal Specification and Taming Other People's Tech

Formal specifications are not just for academics and have applications way beyond checking algorithms like Paxos and Raft. Join us for a tour of using formal specifications for every day system design. If you've ever configured a load balancer or a message queue then you're already doing the kind of engineering work that formal specifications were intended for. This talk tells the story of a real life in production system built with common open source technologies that was struggling with growth and how we untangled its built-in assumptions and reworked its design using formal specifications.

Marianne Bellotti

Marianne Bellotti


Marianne Bellotti runs the Internal Services team at Auth0, which works closely with SRE to build highly scalable services for other engineering teams. She has an obsessive love of complex struggling systems-- the older the better-- and spent three years rescuing such systems for the Federal government as part of United States Digital Service.