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How to build with data trust and privacy as a baseline

Tim Berners-Lee recently published his Contract for the Web with a core principle stating we must "Respect consumers' privacy and personal data so people are in control of their lives online."

Noble's talk explores tactical approaches to be good stewards of data in the face of growing regulations through software with techniques like differential privacy.

Noble Ackerson

Noble Ackerson


Noble is a Senior Manager for Product Management and Software at OpenARCloud where he advises on Data Governance, Data Privacy, Data Trust to teams across 55 countries. He's also a Google Developers Expert for product strategy and a recovering startup founder delivering augmented reality, virtual reality, web and mobile technologies from abstract concepts to final products. Noble sits on the Alumni Leadership Board for the leading online education startup, Udacity. A member of the Alumni Board at his alma mater, Lynchburg College and acts as the Publicity Chair for Ubicomp and ISWC, two top-tier conferences for the internet of things and wearable technology. When Noble is not focused on product, he is mentoring underrepresented and aspiring developers, speaking at technology events like this one, or spending time with his daughters.