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How to Leverage Your Own Talent by Mentoring

You are a top-notch developer. Highly sought after and very effective. How can you leverage your talent and influence without traveling down the management path? Become a Mentor. This workshop will cover the 5 essential skills you'll need in order to mentor: Mastering Flow, Giving Feedback and Guidance, Mentoring with Multiple Intelligences, Setting Clear Goals and Indicators, and Building Confidence. We will use hands-on juggling exercises as a playground to practice these skills.

Doug Bradbury

Doug Bradbury

8th Light

Doug was an early contributor to 8th Light when he joined in 2007. Doug helped start the Chicago office in 2010 and has performed almost every role as a crafter in that time. As 8th Light has grown, Doug has defined and then served in many new roles. Including Director of Consulting, Director of Studio, Managing Director, and COO. Doug is now responsible for the mentoring program at 8th Light. Doug earned his Bachelor of Science with Honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2002. He has mentored more than 40 of 8th Light's software crafters and has given several presentations on apprenticeships in software, acceptance testing, Agile software, and mentoring. He authored the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship and is a part-owner of 8th Light.