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How Your Company Can Help Sustain Open Source

Would you like your company and co-workers to be giving back to the open source projects you use every day? In this talk, I will present a number of different ways that companies are contributing to open source, and discuss the pros and cons of each, so that you can help your company to sustain the projects upon which you depend. This will include: - Various exciting corporate initiatives for funding open source projects, and how to choose which projects get that money - What an OSPO (Open Source Program Office) is and why your company might want one - Ways to encourage employees to contribute, and how to make contributing easy for them - How to measure your company's and employees' contributions to open source- This includes philosophical questions of what should you be measuring, and the logistical answers of what tools are available to do so You will leave this talk with specific , practical ideas and examples you can use to promote open source sustainability.

Danielle Gellis

Danielle Gellis


As the Tools Engineer for Indeed's Open Source Program, Dani is building tools that help people contribute to open source projects. She's passionate about sharing and collaboration, especially in software and technology. Dani is also a teacher who has taught both kids and adults to code.