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Myths and Metaphors of Open Source

Open Source Software (OSS) is built on a rich history of myths and metaphors. This talk will examine these myths and metaphors, and how physical metaphors can lead us astray in a digital world. It will also explain why Open Source Software is not a vending machine, and how OSS development and distribution platforms can impact the value people place on open source software.

Clojurists Together is an organisation created to help support and grow critical open source Clojure software. This talk will discuss our experience growing Clojurists Together and some insights it has given us into:

Daniel Compton

Daniel Compton


Daniel Compton is a software engineer living in Morrinsville New Zealand. He has been involved in the Clojure community since 2014, working on a number of open source projects including Kibit, re-frame, and re-frame-10x. He is the project leader of Clojurists Together, a community organisation dedicated to funding critical Clojure open source software. He also publishes The REPL, a newsletter and podcast about Clojure. He is engineer #1 at The Falcon Project, a stealth startup. Prior to that he worked at Day8 building systems in Clojure and ClojureScript.