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Networking and Go: An Engineer's Journey

My foray into Go began a few years ago when I started working at DigitalOcean. While building an abstraction layer on top of Kubernetes and familiarizing myself with the language, I began to love it. Syntactically simple, with amazing concurrency primitives and a wonderful community, Go was an excellent choice for a cloud-hosting company with a variety of low-level, server-side microservices.

In the last year, however, I've joined the software-defined networking team and learned of another application of Go; networking services. The networking team at DigitalOcean uses Go for a variety of purposes - from DHCP servers to IP address management even wrappers around virtual switch tooling. Intrigued, I decided to also investigate how Go could be used to build other services such as port scanners and load-balancers.

This session will highlight my networking journey via Go. I will discuss useful packages, key learnings, and even struggles faced while building a variety networking services within and outside of DigitalOcean. I will discuss both relevant packages within the standard library and open source packages used to implement key network protocols. As a result, listeners will gain an understanding of how to specifically leverage Go for their own networking needs.

Sneha Inguva

Sneha Inguva


Sneha Inguva is a software engineer in the networking team at DigitalOcean. She enjoys building cloud products by day and debugging ominous context-cancelled errors by night. Interestingly, her journey through this fantastical field has taken her from casino gaming to 3d printing startups. In her spare time, she takes high quality fashion photographs of cats in nature.