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Open Source is for Everyone

We're told that contributing to open source is good for our careers and a great way to level up our skills. Let's face facts. Getting into open source is intimidating, often unfriendly, and hard to find a place to get started. Come to this workshop and learn the basics of contributing to open source. We'll discus things like claiming issues, writing good commit messages, and finding great projects to contribute to. Don't forget your laptop because every attendee will leave with a pull request on an open source project being used in production by organizations like women's shelters, diaper banks, and other organizations doing meaningful work! Come learn new skills and make a difference in the world!

Sean Marcia

Sean Marcia

Ruby for Good

Sean absolutely loves the tech community. He is a tireless do-gooder who created and organizes Ruby for Good and spends his day job working to make government more sane. He is committed to making the world a better place. When not programming he loves being outdoors (especially national parks), drinking coffee from Portland, eating dried seaweed and playing with dogs.