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Tweet My Wedding Dress

Inspired by a love of rainbows and silly tech projects, I decided to make my own first wearable tech - a wedding dress full of lights that could be controlled by tweets from my friends and family!

This talk will go over the tech I used (suitable for absolute beginners), the mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt. From using the Twitter API, writing my own API, coding for an Arduino and wiring the whole thing up to the worst bit - THE SEWING. I aim to share the message that it is ok to make mistakes, we all do! If you keep trying you can make something magical!

Jo Franchetti

Jo Franchetti


Jo is the Engineering Engagement Manager at Trainline. She is passionate about WebVR, PWAs and great CSS. She's got 7 years experience as a front end developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organisations. She is also a mentor and organiser at where she is able to act on her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.